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For Berber women, American Indians or the Aztec populations of yesteryear, the prickly pear has always aroused a keen interest. Sacred in some civilizations, Prickly Pear Seed Oil,with its natural beauty, is recognized as a powerful anti-aging ally, for its moisturizing and firming action.

This rare oil diffuses in the heart of the epidermis as a fluid releasing its regenerating active ingredients and subtle floral scent. Its richness in vitamin E, Omega 6 and 9, and sterols makes it a UNIQUE natural care product recognized worldwide.

Applied to the skin, it offers a lifting effect coupled with a protection against free radicals that fight against the looseness of the skin.

The structure of the face is firmed and redesigned, the skin plumped and intensely revitalized, regains its radiance, vitality, and youth.

IXORAA Paris is a unique brand. It draws its authenticity from its Mediterranean origin combined with French know-how.

We create a line of 100% natural, high-quality facial care products, from organic ingredients, as part of a fair and ecological harvest.

We believe in the continuity of ancestral know-how, generator of beauty and well-being using technologies and methods respectful of the environment.

sérums pour une beauté naturel

Values of our natural beauty brand

IXORAA Paris is a unique brand. She stands out for its authenticity that you can touch with your fingertips and breathe. Come discover what we offer to your senses 

sérums pour votre beauté naturelle


  • Continuous rebirth: A bewitching scent that highlights your personality and sensuality. Body and mind are in unison.

  • Nature and nothing but nature: our ultimate source to select the rarest, most precious and rich plants in aromas and benefits. We are committed to offering our customers high quality natural herbal products for a healthier life.

  • Creative innovation: The driving force of our existence in the world of scents is the innovation that offers you original and unique formulas while linking the past to the future. Our laboratories and those of our partners put their know-how and long experience at the service of our customers to ensure that they are always at the forefront of creation and innovation.

  • Always on the trend: The evolution of science and technology is experiencing significant advances. These fields offer new innovations in the field of cosmetics. We invest significant capital in the research and research of the latest health care products to combat the threats of beauty.

  • Give back to nature what it offers us: Dare the difference with the best of the other shore of the Mediterranean. A morning freshness at dawn with dew drops that flow on our chosen plant. Each plant used is quickly sown to honour our commitments to our dear mother nature.

  • Love and respect: feeling beautiful is the wish of all women, we choose to sublime your beauty and gives you the feeling of freshness and relaxation.

  • The capital of beauty: PARIS exerts a major influence of stories and trends, our Parisian brand is based on the vintage style of the companion, adding a unique French touch. Because being a woman means being elegant.

Because being a woman means being elegant.

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