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Our history

Sérum visage, brand of skincare products

The History of natural beauty:

Our history of natural beauty begins in the year 2000, when Mr Claude Boulé, during a trip to North Africa, mainly in Tunisia, became interested in a plant with remarkable properties and miraculous benefits: the prickly pear.

He was told wonderful stories about this fruit. Among Berber women for more than 2000 years, among American Indians or Aztec populations, the prickly pear has always aroused a keen interest.

The oil from its seeds is now recognised as a powerful anti-ageing ally.

Applied to the skin, it offers a lifting effect coupled with protection against free radicals, which helps to combat skin slackening.

It is also recognised for its moisturising and firming action.

This rare oil diffuses into the heart of the epidermis, releasing its regenerating active ingredients and its subtle floral scent.

Its richness in vitamin E, omegas 6 and 9, and sterols makes it a UNIQUE natural skin care product recognised throughout the world.

The structure of the face is firmed and redefined. The skin is plumped and intensely revitalised, regaining its radiance, vitality and youthfulness.

During this visit, Mr Boulé met a specialist in phyto-aroma and bio-cosmetology, Mr Ahmed BOUALI. The vision of a beauty resulting from the prickly pear fascinates them. They decided to introduce it into natural beauty formulas. This is how the company AB Products and the brand IXORAA Paris were born.

Today, numerous scientific publications demonstrate the multiple benefits of prickly pear for the skin and the incredible potential of this natural active ingredient: anti-ageing, anti-acne, slimming, etc.

sérums pour une beauté naturel

The Brand

 IXORAA Paris is a unique brand. It draws its authenticity from its Mediterranean origin combined with French know-how.

We create a line of 100% natural, high quality face care products, using organic ingredients, within the framework of a fair and ecological harvest.

We believe in the continuity of ancestral know-how, generating beauty and well-being by using technologies and methods that respect the environment.

Since its creation, AB Products has had the ambition to design natural organic beauty products. A pioneer in the use of prickly pear in cosmetics, the IXORAA Paris brand is the result of continuous research, in-depth analysis and clinical tests.

Ixoraa paris is growing

The satisfaction of a demanding clientele is the objective of the IXORAA Paris brand. We strive to offer you natural and organic skin care products, combining effectiveness and pleasure.

ORGANIC and INNOVATION are the keys to our vision and our development strategy.

plante de figue de barbarie; brand of skincare products
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