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The serum is always and ONLY applied to bare skin. This way we optimize the penetration of the active ingredients to the deepest layers of the epidermis.

To ensure that its effectiveness is at its highest level, we slip a few drops of product on our face, then apply it with circular gestures
We then pianote on the key areas (corner of the eyes, lion’s wrinkle), before finishing with some smoothing movements, from the center of the face to the outside.

Ideal for your skincare routine, it is rich in natural active ingredients. Obtained by cold pressing of prickly pear seeds, it is a perfect ally for your routine of facial care, eye contour care, neck care and décolleté.
It is an anti-aging device par excellence. Used for those who have:

  • A problem with the release of the facial oval, wrinkles, fine lines, signs of aging, etc.
  • A big dehydration that cannot be filled by a cream or the use of a richer cream causes a shine and an appearance of small pimples.
  • A problem of spots or scars on the skin: our serum will have a depigmenting and healing function but also emollient and smoothing.
  • A problem of radiance: dull face, gray complexion…
  • An acne problem…

Our serum is applied during the day (against free radicals) and in the evening, always on perfectly cleansed and cleansed skin then carefully dried, before our beauty routine.

On sensitive, dry or oily skin, suitable for all skin types. This serum is sebum regulator.
It is appreciated by all skin types.

In general, the first signs of age appear around the age of 30. Most of the time, it is advisable to start applying anti-aging care from the age of 25. It is from this age that collagen production decreases.

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