Ixoraa Paris

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Our Values

IXORAA Paris is a unique brand. It is distinguished by its authenticity and values for natural skincare, which you can touch with your fingertips and breathe. Our commitment to organic and sustainably sourced ingredients nourishes your skin and aligns with your values for a healthier planet. Come and discover what we offer to your senses.

Our values for natural skincare :

Continuous Renaissance:

An enchanting scent that enhances your personality and sensuality. Body and mind are in unison.

Nature and nothing but nature:

our ultimate source for selecting the rarest, most precious plants rich in aroma and benefits. We are committed to offering our customers high quality natural herbal products for a healthier life.

Creative innovation:

The driving force behind our existence in the world of fragrances is innovation, offering you original and unique formulas while linking the past to the future. Our laboratories, as well as those of our partners, put their expertise and long experience at the service of our customers to ensure that they are always at the forefront of creation and innovation.

Always on trend:

The evolution of science and technology is undergoing major advances. These fields offer innovations in the field of cosmetics.

Giving back to nature:

Daring to be different with the best from the other side of the Mediterranean. A fresh morning at dawn with dewdrops flowing over our chosen plant. Each plant used is quickly sown in order to honour our commitment to our dear mother nature.

Love and respect:

to feel beautiful is the wish of all women; we choose to sublimate your beauty and to give you the sensation of freshness and relaxation.

The capital of beauty:

PARIS is a major influence in fashion and trends. Our Parisian brand made in France is based on the vintage style of the countryside, adding a unique French touch.

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